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Matt Brown - Member Profile
How did you first get into wargaming?
I'd always made model kits as a kid. My Dad is an engineer and a member of our local model railway group so model making and painting was in the family.

I started off building cars, aircraft and the occasional railway wagon but it wasn't until 1989 when my Aunt bought me a copy of Spacefleet that I first became aware of wargaming and miniatures. For those of you who know your 'specialist' Games Workshop games, you'll know Spacefleet was the precursor to Battlefleet Gothic!

Every year my secondary school ran an 'Activites Week'. One of the organised days was a 'wargaming' day run by one of our history teachers so I signed up and took along my copy of Spacefleet. It turns out that one of my class mates was into 40K in a big way and had brought along his Crimson Fists and Ork armies. Suffice to say that Spacefleet didn't get played and that day in 1990 saw my first game of 40K.

The years that followed saw me collect Blood Angels, Orks and Eldar and play through each of the first 3 editions of 40K. As a group, we also dabbled in Epic and regularly played Necromunda.

A squad of my Blood Angels Assault Marines.

What was your first army?
My first real army was first of three Bood Angels armies. It was built from the original Space Marines box plus a techmarine on a jet bike, a rhino and a captain.

These were the days when Games Workshop stores were few and far between and my nearest store was Birmingham!

This army was eventually sold and I started putting together another Blood Angels army when the second edition of 40K was released a few years later. This was a lot larger and this time I had a lot more tanks!

Again, this army was sold during university...probably for beer money or art supplies (I studied Graphic Design at the University of Glamorgan).

It wasn't until a few years ago that I started getting back into the hobby. My first child had been born and I needed something to do in the evenings that didn't require paying for a babysitter!

I primarily got back in to the hobby to start painting again. I'd always considered myself a painter first and a gamer second but since coming to the club I've really come to enjoy the gaming side if the hobby a lot more.

After collecting Blood Angels for some time I decided it was time for a change. This was my first painted Grey Knight.

What do you currently play?
I still regularly play 40K and since joining the club I've really enjoyed Malifaux and more recently Bolt Action. I've dabbled in a few games over the last couple of years and I'm always open to new systems as long as I like the models! There's nothing more disappointing than a bad quality miniature range!

My Kaeris Malifaux crew. This is my second crew for Malifaux. I started the game using the C. Hoffman crew but being new to Malifaux I found it very difficult to make them work!

What is your favourite game system?
Before joining the club I had no idea how vast the range of miniatures and gaming systems was. All I knew was Games Workshop so coming to club was a real eye opener...and a real wallet opener!

Its hard to have one favourite, so out of all the games I've played I think I'm currently torn between the card driven mechanic of Malifaux and the simplicity and random activation order of Bolt Action. Both are great games and very different from one another in complexity and style.

A squad of 101st Airborne. I really should get around to painting some more of these guys!

What is your next project?
I've always got a mountain of plastic and lead that needs putting together and painting but on the table at the moment several units of U.S. Airborne and a couple of Dreadball Teams!

Submitted on 07/06/2013