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Liam Bennet - Member Profile
How did you first get into wargaming?

I've always been a sci-fi fan, being brought up reading Asimov and Anne McCaffery novel will do that, but never really had an interest in wargames or miniatures until I attended a conveention held at Cardiff Techniquest. One of the stands was set up by GW, this being a time when they were willing to reach out to the community, and featured the then new 3rd edition of 40k. My friend was etranced with the game so we ended up playing the demo multiple times. This was probably the start of my love-hate relationship with Dark Eldar now I think about it!

After that I bought a few of the books and started collecting White Dwarf but didn't really take the plunge into actually collecting the models until I had to spend a period of time in hospital; my dad bought me 20 chaos marines and a chaos lord to keep me distracted.

This led to me collecting Chaos, going to play down the Swansea GW and, eventually, finding this club back when it was still at the YMCA. Suffice to sa, I have been playing wargames for too long and spent too much!

What was your first army?

As already revealed, my first army was Chaos Space Marines in the very basic Black Legion colour scheme. I was an awful painter so this worked well for me!

If I remember correctly it featured a Lord, loads of berzerkers, a sorcerer, some basic marines and a squad of havocs. My aversion to tanks was evident even back then. This grew over time as I replaced models and added new units. My painting style has changed at least four times since I started the army so this also affected the collection.

Eventually I settled on Night Lords thanks to their awesome colour scheme and the Index Astartes article that was published a few years back and focussed on building a themed force. I still have this army, fully painted, and I will be adding some Imperial Guard allies to it in the new year. Hopefully this will push it close to the 8k mark that I am aiming for.

What do you currently play?

I still play a bit of 40k but I must admit that I have drifted away from it in recent months. The 6th ed. rules just haven't clicked with me. I am enjoying playing Warhammer Fantasy at the moment and I'm looking forward to the Mordheim campaign too. I also like to play Battlefleet Gothic, Inquisitor and board and card games. Basically I'll play anything that grabs my eye!

What is your favourite games system?

Tough question. I quite enjoy the depth of Mordheim and the complexity of Battlefleet Gothic but the random nature of the 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy ruleset certainly makes it very replayable and fun.

What is your next project?

I actually have a couple lined up. I like to plan everything out well in advance so at the moment I have a slow-burn project of getting a skyrim/elder scrolls rpg up and running while also building up my Game of Thrones themed Bretonnian army for the campaign.

Once this is done I'll have some Imperial Guard to paint from the Raging Heroes kickstarter and hopefully time to get some Hirst Arts molds and get building a castle.
Submitted on 18/07/2013