Covid 19 Guidance for Attendees

1. Introduction

As with pretty much everything else in the UK, Sunday Evenings at club stopped in March 2020 for Coronavirus (our last session was 15th March- an aeon ago!). We can now start sessions again, and for many it will be their first opportunity for face to face gaming in that time! As a club it will be great to re-start sessions again and look forward to rolling dice once more!

However, as with many aspects of our daily life, the club experience will be somewhat different. We will be operating club nights in line with guidance from the Welsh Government and in accordance with Risk Assessments produced by the club and Gilead Chapel Committees. We ask for your patience with these new measures and understanding that they are mandatory requirements for the well being of club members and the wider population.

The following document provides guidance on the process of booking games, requirements for members to attend, and what to expect on club nights.

We hope that this provides all the information required for sessions to run smoothly while enabling everybody to enjoy themselves!

2. Booking a Session

Arranging the hall to enable correct access/egress and social distancing limits the gaming space available. Trials in the hall suggest that we can accommodate five (5) games, although this will be subject to review.

We therefore ask that you book your table in advance - at present we will be unable to accept participants who have not booked in advance.

Booking will open 2 weeks prior to a club session. The first week will prioritize members who have not yet attended a session or who did not attend the previous session. The second week will open up any available spaces to everyone else including the committee.

Booking will be on a first come, first served basis and, while we hope to be able to accommodate all those wishing to play, if a club night is oversubscribed, we may need to ask players to book a session at another time. Again, we really hope that this can be avoided, and will give anybody who is unable to attend first opportunity to attend the next session. For this reason, we will also be unable to accept block bookings of multiple weeks.

We would ask initially that games are two- player where possible. Also, we are currently unable to accommodate spectators at games.

We ask that you consider the game that you intend to play - games with many shared items, such as card games should be avoided where possible.

Booking will be via e-mail. A dedicated address has been created for bookings -

When booking, please provide the following information;

  1. The name of your opponent
  2. The game being played
  3. Whether you require club terrain, or if you are providing your own. If you require club terrain, please outline your requirements.
  4. The number of tables (maximum 3) that you require. For information, when arranged;
    • 1 table=1400mm x 700mm (4ft,7” x 2ft, 3”)
    • 2 tables=1400mm x 1400mm (4ft,7” x 4ft,7”)
    • 3 tables=1400mm x 2100mm (4ft,7” x 6ft,10”)
    • Kindly use only what you need to save space for others!

3. Arrival at club

Please ensure that, before attending on the day, you are not exhibiting any of the known symptoms of Coronavirus. If you are PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND. Inform a member of the committee via the e-mail or through the club facebook page.

The chapel committee have reduced the number of car parking spaces to enable safe exit from the building, which may mean there is a shortage of spaces; please use the Coity Castle car park opposite if you are unable to park.

Club starts at 5pm as usual.

Please maintain 2m social distancing while waiting to enter the building.

Please ensure you bring the following

  • All dice/tape measures and equipment to play your games. Bring your own to avoid sharing equipment
  • The kitchen area and facilities will not be available. Please bring your own refreshments with you
  • A face mask

4. Entry into the hall

Masks are to be worn at all times while in the hall. Table gaming invariably brings participants inside the 2m social distance limits (leaning over tables, reaching for dice etc). We understand that wearing a mask can be uncomfortable and can hinder communications, but we see no practical alternative. Masks are in use in many other gaming clubs/stores.

  • Please read the signage on the door before entering. On entry please use the hand sanitiser dispenser on the left wall before entering the hall.
  • On entry you will be met by a committee member, please provide your name and contact phone number/e-mail address for contact tracing. Also, we ask that you pay hall subs at this stage. Please come with the correct change - subs remain the same as pre-covid (£3 a session, £12 monthly membership).
  • All tables will be set up ready and cleaned. Terrain, where requested, will be in place.
  • In line with the chapel risk assessment, a one-way system is in place. Please always observe this. The accessible toilet is available for use as required.

Finally, please ensure that all games are completed by 8.30pm. This is to enable the committee team to disinfect and remove tables.

Example Hall Layout - for reference


  1. Book a table to play-
  2. Make sure you are not feeling any Covid symptoms before attending
  3. Club starts at 5pm
  4. Wear a mask
  5. Bring your own dice, tape measures etc.
  6. Follow the signage/directions given
  7. Finish your game by 8.30pm.


  1. Gilead Chapel Risk Assessment
  2. Castle Gamers Risk Assessment
  3. Guidance documents for Regulations 12 and 13 of the Health Protection (Coronavirus Restrictions) (No.2)(Wales) Regulations 2020.