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Re: Deadzone,Firefight,Warpath

Post by John » Tue Sep 12, 2017 2:40 pm

Yes, thanks for the game Bill.
I am now trying to find sites where I can read up about the use of the Plague.
(And I am going to "Lose" your dice before the next game!).
Plus where can I see the Plague Strider on Mantic?
Once in awhile,
Someone AMAZING comes along....... :o

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Re: Deadzone,Firefight,Warpath

Post by Bill » Mon Sep 18, 2017 4:02 pm

Enjoyed game last night first time i have used Plague. It's nice to have an army which can fight in the enemy deployment zone by turn 2.

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Re: Deadzone,Firefight,Warpath

Post by Kevin » Sun Nov 19, 2017 8:33 pm

Ok, I need to paint One Asterian model (so total model count 15) to get to 890pts .... Ho Ho Ho.
Then all I need as a Weapon Drone to take it up to 1000 (Beamer +90/Plasma Vortex +100) (980-990)
this has 7 command die (? might be 6, if the commander trait replaces the unit trait instead of adding to it

The Martians are currently at 560pts fully painted (40 models), with 410pts in the wings (either started or required to finish a unit - 4 painted/7 (6 of which I'm waiting for) unpainted troops and 3 Bugs). That's 1000pts (960).
this has 2 command die

so both forces 990pts, one with 15 Human sized models and one large one, the other with 51 Human sized models and 3 large ones. Now, if anyone has a weapon platform set - can't seem to find mine :cry_blow:

Edit - Platforms (2 of) found, so looks like the Asterian force could possibly be ready (i.e., fully painted) to 1000pts by end of year. The Martians not long behind, and likely to be the first to break the 1500pt level - target for both forces
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