Saga : Invasion - and a certain Briton

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Saga : Invasion - and a certain Briton

Post by Kevin » Wed Apr 06, 2016 12:58 pm

Reading a thread on LAF, it seems that the Romano-British (Artur) set will be a standalone book - much like Cresent and Cross (which is good as i can update my rules then).
Certain parts of the Thread are included below:-

- On March 28.
The lack of new publications of the previous months was due to the intense activity in theTomahawk tipee, devoted to a new and important chapter in the history of Saga.

With The Crescent & The Cross we have explored the destinies of the Crusaders sailing to the Holy Land and the fight of their Muslim enemies, determined to fight with bravery the western invaders. With the new Saga book, we will go back in time, and look at the very beginning of the Dark Ages.

Imagine 6 new factions, depicting the Britons, The Saxon Invaders, the Romans, the Huns, the Goths and the Picts. To lead them into battle, larger than life characters as Aetius, Attila, Arthur or Vortigern. A time when the Roman frontiers were hammered by the flow of barbaric invaders. A time when the civilisation of the past was abour to be superceded by a new one.

New factions, new mercenaries to join your warband, a campaign system and a large figure range are all planned.
The last round of intensive playtest have been done some days ago by our devoted beta-testers. They tried to break the Battleboards, find any loophole in the 6 new scenarios and played the campaign, defending a border garrison against the barbarians.

Saga : Invasions has now entered the next step, its production.

When will it be released are you asking? Not before the end of the year. It is in the hands of the gods now...

- On March 30 (From Studio Tomahawk)

Hi all,

As there were quite a lot of replies and heated discussions about our forthcoming supplement for Saga, I thought it might be helpful to highlight our intentions with this book.

Some have noted that it has always been our intent to produce a book and a set of factions for the Arthurian period. Saga takes its roots in the heroic deeds and stories of larger than life characters and the Arthurian fits the bill!

But we wanted also to expand it beyond the boundaries of the British Isles, and tell the story of the Roman civilisation being besieged and struggling against the so-called "barbarians". Hence the inclusion of the Romans (late romans in wargaming terms), the Huns and the Goths. They also offer their share of heroes, with Aetius, Attila, Theodoric and quite a few others. In the same way as with Crescent & Cross and the crusades in the Holy Land and in Spain, you have two sets of factions for two distinct geographic areas: The Britons facing their Picts and Saxon ennemies, and the Romans and their Hunnic and Gothic foes (and there are actually quite a lot a variant factions in the book, to present other protagonists of this period, using existing boards but with new faction rules).

So basically, Invasion is a setting that depicts the hopeless struggle of the remnants of the Roman Empire. The fall of the west simply said.

For the lack of Sassanids, it is basically a matter of focus. We wanted to stay focussed on the Western half of the Empire for this period as opening the East would have added quite a lot other factions to the list, and 6 factions is the maximum we can fit in a book. It doesn't mean that the Persians (and their nellies!) won't appear one day but not in that one.

For the question of the time it took to get this book ready (which isn't actually the case right now, though we are progressing), all I can say that the team working on Invasion has started the design work some 2 years ago. It actually takes a painfully long time to get a Saga supplement done, and much of this time is devoted to playtesting the factions, the interaction between them and balancing out everything. We do not claim this balance to be perfect, but it is something that we consider as really vital to keep the game healthy. Hence the long time, especially if you consider that all people working with ST do that on their spare time, with no full-time employee.

Regarding the question about the lack of love for Saga and the focus on Congo, all I can say is that the teams behind Saga and Congo are actually not the same, and the development of one has no impact on the development on the other. We have more stuff in the pipeline for Saga, we had a slow start after Crescent & Cross as we had new people taking Saga in charge, but now everything is back on track!

As for the commercial aspect all I can say is nobody at Studio Tomahawk is working on a full-time basis, and we produce basically what we want to play. If it sells well, we're happy fews. If it doesn't, we can live with it. We are first and foremost gamers ourselves!

Thanks for all the interest for this book.

So, what new plastics will Gripping beast bring to the table - and i'm going to have to look again at Westwind Saxons :cry_blow: .
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Re: Saga : Invasion - and a certain Briton

Post by Richard » Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:03 pm

This certainly fits in with GB's new plastic Roman box. Hopefully they may produce some early Saxon types as well as their later Saxons are really designed for later shield walls. Not trying to be a button counter but the earlier Saxons were (allegedly) much more aggressive. I can hear David sharpening his Seax already! :lol:

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Re: Saga : Invasion - and a certain Briton

Post by Kevin » Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:34 pm

Yes, a lot more aggressive in nature, and a more 'professional' force - as they were, at that period, mostly raiders and full time warriors. The standard shield was 'buckler' sized - or maybe a little bigger, and used offensively as well as a parrying weapon. The move toward shieldwalls and larger shield is generally (currently) felt to have happened in the 7th Century, during the period of the Saxon Hepatory (sorry - can't remember the full/correct name, basically the seven saxon kingdoms of Angland).

Yes, i like this period of History :lol:
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Re: Saga : Invasion - and a certain Briton

Post by John » Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:25 pm

Kevin wrote:Saga : Invasions has now entered the next step, its production.

When will it be released are you asking? Not before the end of the year. It is in the hands of the gods now....
If the rules aren't coming out till the new year, they must be planning to bring out all the factions as Plastics before the release!
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