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Re: 2018 - New Year, New Ramblings

Posted: Sat Sep 01, 2018 4:45 pm
by Owen
If you’re okay using non-GW minis then you could use these:

Not-Rhinos: https://vanguardminiatures.co.uk/shop/n ... arta-apcs/
Not-Marines: https://vanguardminiatures.co.uk/produc ... es-troops/
Not-Land Speeders: https://vanguardminiatures.co.uk/shop/n ... mmer-wing/

They have numerous others and also have ranges that cover Guard, Mechanicus/Mechanicum, Orks, Eldar, Dark Eldar and even Squats. They also have stuff that covers Tau and SoB but those wouldn’t work for Heresy era.

Haven’t bought off them so can’t vouch for them quality wise, but I am considering looking into it at some point so would be interested in seeing them if you did grab some to decorate your bases.

Re: 2018 - New Year, New Ramblings

Posted: Sun Sep 02, 2018 12:29 pm
by Kevin
Managed to pick up a fair few Epic Marines (MK 7 Armour), including Sargent, devastator, assault, officer and terminator figures. Will need to strip them off the square bases, but that's not an issue, as most will go straight on Titan bases.

Fortunately, Vanguard also do strip and circular bases, so might be picking so of these up in the future (HH Word Bearer Legion to make the Titans look even bigger).

Re: 2018 - New Year, New Ramblings

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2018 8:25 am
by Kevin
Well, end of another month - 15 models finished (and my gods, it's October), so around 200 for the year so far. Not bad, as I'm not basing them on size, just finished models (so a Titan is '1', as is a 3mm tank base).

Waiting on Warhound Pre-order now, as expected around the £45 for 2 RRP price point, so around £40 on pre-order. And I'm wondering about a second Reaver, even though I haven't even taken anything off the sprue yet.

Work continues on prep for the table sale on the 20th. I've just built 50+ 28mm plastic models I had that I don't really want/need, so that's a pile of models for the table, and am due to start going through rules and reference books shortly. Definitely have less stuff than usual, but that maybe a good thing as it means the various mountains are being mined effectively.
Just have to see if any of it moves on - I'm not the selling machine that is Kris, but I usually do alright.

Dragondaze on Saturday - really is worth a looksee if you haven't been. Not a gaming show like Crusade (for which I haven't found any information in regard to 2019), but more an 'everything' meeting (Cosplay, RPG, Board games, the odd miniatures game - sometimes live music, the speed folk band a few years back were excellent), and a very good if expensive (£1 a ticket) raffle for charity - the whole events for charity).

And now a discussion point - Do we really need this site at present?

Not a call to abandon this site, it's just it's got 'very' quiet on here since the move toward the Facebook group. Now, I'm aware that i don't use the FB Group much, though i do check it, and it des tend to be more for 'Hobby Streak' entries at present than anything else, but the level of usage for this site has dropped dramatically since that went into effect. With the decision to try to book games through FB, that removes another point for the site. FB does make our 'online' presence greater (says the man who never really attends group), so all well and good, but some people don't use FB.
Also, the discussion side of the hobby (on this site), something which i always enjoyed, seems to have dried up - not totally, discriptions of it's death are premature, but that generally seem to be the case.

What do people think :?:

Models painted/finished in September - 15 (total for year 202)

Re: 2018 - New Year, New Ramblings

Posted: Thu Oct 04, 2018 5:26 pm
by Richard
Although no longer a member, as I still occasionally post on the site and nobody else has responded, I just thought I’d respond to your question about needing the site Kevin.

To be honest I can’t remember when I last read or contributed to a genuine discussion on here so if the site is primarily here to promote discussion then I can’t say it is working. I may be looking through rose tinted glasses but I think there has been much more discussion on the website in the past, albeit a considerable time ago, probably before the club had it’s own FB Page. The membership currently seems to prefer FB for messaging (whether that message is part of a discussion or not) and people are not going to post on FB and then log in to the website to make a duplicate post. FB also notifies members when new posts appear so they are more likely to respond on FB, thereby generating further messages which, after all, is the mission of FB. It appears to me that FB has made the website virtually redundant for discussion.

However, looking at the wider issue of whether the club still needs the website then I notice that it still seems to be a popular forum for announcements, whether these are of a forthcoming event, new range of models or Kickstarter appearing or something for sale. I don’t know about anyone else but I also find it a very useful forum for keeping in touch with people via personal messages.

Something quite interesting (for me anyway) that came as a total surprise to me was that when I logged in post this, the information section at the bottom of the page stated that, based on the activity of the previous 5 minutes, there were 2 members online but there had been 24 (yes 24) visitors! I have no idea whether this is accurate but I was quite amazed to read this information.

Re: 2018 - New Year, New Ramblings

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 3:29 pm
by Liam
Richard wrote:
Thu Oct 04, 2018 5:26 pm
Although no longer a member, as I still occasionally post on the site and nobody else has responded, I just thought I’d respond to your question about needing the site Kevin.
Cheers for the reply here Richard. I must admit I’ve tried a couple of times this week to put a response together but ended up tripping over myself on my thoughts regarding the forum.

I think you both raise valid, and interesting, points. I like the forum but I have struggled to use it in the past due to difficulties posting pictures. I’d love to set up a proper project log but having to link pictures in from an outside source really put me off for some reason. That could have changed by now as it’s been a rather long time since I last attempted, but I have found Facebook so much easier for that aspect of the hobby.

That being said, I find the forum much better for open discussion around different subjects, and it would be a shame for that to die. Perhaps we need to change the way we approach the forum as a group? It’s certainly something that needs discussion so thank you for raising it as a point.

Re: 2018 - New Year, New Ramblings

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 6:43 pm
by Kevin
Thanks for the replies - all is not wind and dust balls on here then.

Liam, - I think I agree with you point that project blogs are better on FB, as they tend to be picture heavy and not much text. It's whether we currently have the impetus within the group to maintain open discussion over all things hobby, or just to post 'what am I painting now' threads. The move to mentioning gaming on the FB site (to which I'm a part, but mostly lurk) has removed another use for this (though people are still using the thread).

So, the (another) main question, - are we now focused more on the gaming and less on the meta/theory than we used to be as a group. Alerts, flyers for activities and events and planned meeting are handled extremely well through FB, but long discussions not so much. I also believe the group pays for this site, does it also pay for FB?
With the groups possible decline in income as fewer of us arrive weekly to boost funds (I know I still pay by DD/SO, but rarely if ever attend as currently I work Sundays most weeks - but I have thought about dropping this on several occasions as I'm really paying for something I don't use - never have, £12 is less than 3-4 pints, and I like the ability to drop in without worrying over cost - and as it's a DD/SC I don't miss it, it's part of my monthly expend). I didn't get to attend the AGM, so not sure how sound the funds are (though last time I came I did chat with committee and all seem within limits), but that could be another expense to look at.

I like the site, enjoy doing my Blog (of sorts) and the discussion/views of others that arise from time to time, and would be sorry to see it go if it did. But things evolve. Thinking about it, really only the General Discussion and Blogs and Musings are directly relevant, with possibly the buying/selling/wanted thread as well (FB groups can be funny over that). All other stuff 'could' be handled on FB, though it would be harder to track as posts are date related and not sectional.

Hopefully others will add there 2p to this - whilst Liam did reply, I think part of my point is made by the first comment on this being from someone whom is no longer directly involved, just keeps 'up to date' with things through the site.

Re: 2018 - New Year, New Ramblings

Posted: Fri Oct 05, 2018 11:46 pm
by John
As someone who uses the Forum a lot(Don't do much painting so no piccies to put up), I think I would miss it. also very rarely use FB, so don't go on it much. But I think the Forum pages could be cut especially as we are not putting game arrangements up any longer. Am unsure why people no longer use the site as much as before.

Re: 2018 - New Year, New Ramblings

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 12:40 pm
by Kevin
Another month down, and how has it gone...…

Well, not too bad.

Table sale made me around £100 after expenses, and I didn't buy anything, so all profits. Whilst I will continue to attend these, I doubt that the income from them will be that great as I generally don't have much to put on them anymore. I seem to have reduced stocks of unwanted stuff to a great limit, and the stuff I am buying, even if it remains in it's box (Necromunda and Adeptus Titanicus, I'm looking at you), is not stuff I really want to get rid of that much. So, I kind of think these might be a side project for next year rather than a 'move on the unwanted' (and I still have Evilbay).
And as I don't do either Warhammer or 40K, i generally will never make much at one of these anyway.

The painting, considering I've been on nights (and am till next year) has been going quite well, having finished off another 22 models/bases this month (mostly for the table sale). I've areasonable amount on the painting table at present, but funnily enough don't actually have any major projects for myself, as i am just painting up the odds and ends I have (a KoW Abyssal force, Avatars of War Plague/Contagion Knights, various RPG characters). Though i do have some 'side project models' on the table for myself.

Talking of AT, have brought at least a box of the additional Titans as they came out (so have a Reaver and 2 Warhounds), but the likelihood of these seeing the light of day this year is about as much as a frozen ball of water in a fiery place. Not that i don't want too, just that i don't have the current drive to start this project.

Side projects are now my main concern (Side Project = games almost no-one else plays), though again, most of these will not see the light of day for a while. I'm currently in the collecting phase of these systems (genrally have the rues, just picking up models as i go along, and usually for multiple forces as Evilbay can usually provide 'job lots' when not buying from manufacturer (if able). MOst admit, I'm enjoying this more for the 'planning' part, though looking forward to 'getting my game back on' next year.

My concerns over this site still remain, as it appears to be dead in it's current state. I've enjoyed doing my little blogs through the years, but I think that will end at the finish of 2018, and it's likely that my just of this site fully might too. Facebook is good for contacts, but I for one miss the discussions that this site used to host.
Well, technology improves things for the better they say.

Models finished this month - 22 : Models so far this year 224

Re: 2018 - New Year, New Ramblings

Posted: Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:25 pm
by John
You have to continue with your "Ramblings" otherwise I will have no-one to talk to.
I have had to start using other forums such as Dakka Dakka to keep me amused as no-one else seems to want to use this forum now except you.

Re: 2018 - New Year, New Ramblings

Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2018 1:05 pm
by Kevin
Probably one of my last posts on here, might do an 'end of year' review just before the New Year, but otherwise...…

Not much done this month, mainly painting, RPG and 'Mental Planning'

Finished another 16 months, and have near that number or more almost finished, so I think I'll be over 250 models this year. To be fair, I've sold most of them, or will be anyway, so I don't actually have that many models for my own use. The KoW Abyssal force is down to it's last dozen models to paint, so hopefully that will get finished before end of year (but unlikely). And I'm back on day shifts in January, and won't have so many holidays to fit in before end of year, that time will be more limited.

I've pre-ordered the Necromunda Rule Book and Gang Book, along with the AT Titan Battle force (£85 for a Warlord, Reaver and 2 Warhound - even with the old weapon fit - is to good a deal). I also have incoming additional ships from ADB Shapeways shop for my Starfleet games (Gorn, Orion and ISC), along with Fleet Action Models for B5 ACtA. Even been looking at the FC master rulebook and Starfire spaceship rules, to get back into that without going mad (think next year is going to be spaceship heavy, along with Mechs).
Even been looking at Battletech again.

Think I'm unlikely to get much gaming in December - no RPG this month as I'm either working or attending the Work Xmas party in Cardiff - so most of the month will be planning and review for next year.

Models painted this Month : 16 - Total for the Year : 240