2018 - New Year, New Ramblings

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Re: 2018 - New Year, New Ramblings

Post by Kevin » Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:29 pm

Well, surprise surprise, the Godslayer KS failed, not even reaching half it's funding total. They have decided to let it run down, but have issued a link to their store and offer discount codes on top of the KS reductions (which are open to anyone that wants to use them - and additional 5% off KS prices and 15% off store items. If you want the codes, PM me). Whilst I backed it, now that its not a 'you pledged' sale, I'm finding it quite difficult to actually raise any interest in buying anything through the shop offers (the cheapest 2 player set is still £100 odd, and includes a large amount of models I don't have need of - and buying individual 'reduce cost' models doesn't drive me either). And a lot of the re-sculpts aren't on the shop (though were listed as available on the KS), which we mainly the models I as interested in.

So it looks likely that they will get no funds from me :cry_blow: for now.

They are planning on another KS in November, which should introduce an additional faction (whether it's the '300' Persians I'm not sure). And I do like the game, just not enough to throw around £200 at it a present, especially when I still have models built to paint, and unbuilt in boxes too.
I will keep what I have, and expand it slowly, as it is the only skirmish fantasy game I actually have time for (Frostgrave:GA might be a second)

Whilst at UKGE, got to play a few rounds of 'Solomon Kane' - interesting, but not sure it's for me (I'm getting a lot more choosey over my gaming at present). Will still give it another try on the 17th at group, but wasn't grabbed by what I experienced - unlike 'Big Trouble in Little China', even though we played a pre-set 'showdown', it rocks.
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Re: 2018 - New Year, New Ramblings

Post by Kevin » Mon Jun 11, 2018 7:14 pm

So, having mentioned that I'm getting more choosey/less involved in my gaming in an earlier post, I thought I'd review my current feelings in regard to my hobby in general, and want I 'think' I want from it.

First thing, I don't feel I want too 'jack it in', though …… I do seem to have less interest in the actual gaming side of things at present, especially the mainstream options out there (as you will all know, I've never really been into the 'mainstream' games, tending to go for the more 'left field' or 'off center' gaming systems). I do still paint, though not as often as I'd like or want, and I do still deal with the 'meta' of my gaming, working on what is needed to build forces and organising things accordingly. I just don't seem to actually get beyond that at present, and am not really overly missing it.

I have recently had 2 main changes in my lifestyle - I got back into full time employment, and I started Role Playing again.
The full time employment issue is a double edged sword, as whilst it reduced my time/availability, it does provide a regular income (and not one that has no spare funds at the end of the month), so I have money for my hobby (I went to UKGE, that was £300 just for accommodation, which would not have been an option around 8 months ago).
The second thing, RPG, has had a major effect on my gaming and social life. I had forgotten how enjoyable sitting around a table with a bunch of like-minded people and playing a role can be. I have always kept a resource of RPG systems, usually to us as background of Table Top settings (all my WWWII RPG material was acquired for this, and I have LOTS), along with backgrounds I have interested in (Harry Dresden) or games I never wanted to get rid of (Torg, Feng Shui and Runequest - though these have come and gone as the mood went). So, restarting this thread of my past has fired up my imagination, and pushed the table top side of things someway to the back of my hobby at present (and the GM got me watching Critical Role on YouTube/Geek and Sundry, which I now enjoy immensely each week (though I'm not going back to watch the first campaign), as I was luck enough to start doing so when a new campaign started).
Oh, and it's D&D 5th, I NEVER thought I'd play D&D again after dropping it for more suitable systems (o me) around 20 years ago.

There are games/setting/periods I like, and as such will keep models for them, even if they are not 'battle ready'. These include:-
Strange Aeons/Mythos
Armoured Clash
Dragon/Lion Rampant (catch all for Fantasy models)
Wolsung (though I'm having trouble painting/building these - can't decide on whether to dump the clear bases)
Wild West Exodus
Weird War II (various scales, Infantry heavy 28-32, walker heavy 15-18)
World of Twilight: Anayaral (not sparkly vampires)
Varrious Board Games - BTiLT, 7sins, SoN, CW, SoB/SoB:FF, Firefly:B&B to name but a few.

So how does this all effect my Hobby in general. Well, it has had the effect to make me look closely at what I am doing with my 'finite' time resources. You might think the RPG character development doesn't take up much time, but it falls into the 'meta' of mental planning just like army building. So that has pushed out some of my other plans. Looking at the figure resources I have on hand, I find that again I have several projects that I started in good faith that are never likely to get finished (through lack of interest, fall by wayside or a redirection in the planning). This usually means the 'clear out' phase kicks in (hello 'getting rid of stuff' thread and Evilbay), and to be fair, these (well, Evilbay) have been slowly aiding in this.
Unfortunately, this currently seems to be happening every 2 weeks or so at present, so no actual defined progress is being made goals switch and plans change. The one thing that is constant is that I seem unwilling to start in on new projects (the only new project I have started this year, which I must admit is doing well, if currently on a slow down until I get everything painted before ordering the next wave, is my 'special project' - and that's not getting declared to the general public until ready), hence the reason the Necromunda models haven't even come out of their boxes, let alone get built - though I have brought all the Gang wars and WD with gang lists in them. Also, I've already put £175 to one side of Adeptus Titanicus hen it releases in August (Grandmaster Box for sure, if I have the funds I might buy 2).

As such, gaming is not a drive at present, though it has not fallen off the radar completely. I want to push myself back into it, though have currently not found the 'correct' trigger for this (AT might do it, but not sure - I do think I'll have AT models painted before Necromunda ones).

So we will have to wait a see how things go.
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